I love the way John smiles at Sherlock.

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Martin Freeman talks about his love for Monty Python — Monty Python Live (mostly) Backstage — July 20, 2014

Lester, what have you done?
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Lester is checking out your blog.


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Lester never thinks it’s a good time to be interviewed by Molly.


when you’re masturbating in the bathroom and you hear someone coming


Today I was at a graduation ceremony for a big acting school in Los Angeles and one of the speakers was a producer on Fargo and he was telling stories and one of them was that the cast and crew went bowling once and they had some sort of tournament or something and it ended up being Martin Freeman against Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman beat Billy Bob and when he did he jumped up into the air and screamed “YES I BEAT THAT FUCKER!!” and that was my favorite story of the day


Hi-Res ! 2014 07 09 - London - After Party celebrating the Gala Night performance of ’ Richard III ’ by David M Benett

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Caption : LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 09:  Cast member Martin Freeman attends an after party celebrating the Gala Night performance of “Richard III”, playing at the Trafalgar Studios, at One Whitehall Place on July 9, 2014 in London, England.  (Photos by David M. Benett)

I try to ignore it to be honest, because I don’t want to get caught up in someone else’s perception of me because that’s not the truth. Fame and success is such a subjective thing. It’s not like saying, that’s the Statue of Liberty, that’s a fact; me being famous, successful or rich are not a fact. It’s all subjective because some people say to me, but of course Martin you’re very famous, while I think, well, I’m not, and I’m not being modest. Ask a cab driver, ask your cousin, ask your Mother. I’m not that famous because they would all know who Tom Cruise is, they don’t know who I am, but that’s cool because that’s not the plan anyway. —Martin Freeman on Fame (via weird-mad-hot-alive)
Me: could you please sign this?
Martin Freeman: Sure! you got a pen, love?
Me: *nervously checking where I left my pen and not finding it*
Me: I lost it....
Martin Freeman: Does anyone have - *5 people offering a pen*
Martin Freeman: There we go, what lovely fans you all are!