Tell me again how the Blanks are basically the people they’ve replaced.

I have just shuffled a deck of cards. And I’m gonna seal them up with this letter in an envelope. [X]


Martin Freeman at The Eichmann Show set from Anthony LaPaglia’s tweet! (x) (x)


I love Amanda’s reaction!
And Martin’s heheheeee (and shirt!).

It took about four hours to have the facial prosthetic and football head applied.

Oh look, it’s nurse Tessa (from Sherlock) in this gif set!  Can you find her?

The World’s End blu-ray special feature “Filling in the Blanks”.



Derren Brown Mesmerises Martin Freeman (2014)



just found out that martin does the audiobook for some of the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy books :o want soooo bad


 Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington with a mind bending card trick at  Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer  (x)


Okay, so this is the video of Martin the lovely madnina took for me tonight. You can really see how great he is with the fans “Why don’t we all give each other a hug?”. He was so great… Ignore me being really annoying with my loud Canadian voice and all…. but I got to hug him and he’s such a nice guy!!! You can just see how lovely he is to the fans!

Please don’t use this video for ANYTHING, at least without asking me. Also if you are one of the lovely ladies in the video let me know and I will tag you!


ShockedMartin is shocked!



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